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When should I?

when I should take them to receive the best results?

One of the most common questions I’ve heard over the years regarding supplements is when I should take them to receive the best results? My first response is always… consistently!

Find the time that works best within your schedule to make sure you take them daily, and don’t let multiple days go by without it.

One of the best things you can do for this is to “stack” it with something else. For instance, many supplements are taken best with food. So to also encourage drinking more water, you can always have a glass with your breakfast or lunch and consume your supplements right after your meal.

Kinda like a 2 for one! Improve your hydration levels AND get the benefits of your supplements right after doing something that you aren’t going to miss too often… breakfast and/or lunch!

Figure which of these 2 meals works best for you and be sure to have your glass of water ready to go to maintain a consistent schedule with your supplements, instead of having to think at the end of the day… did I take that one or that one??

Now of course there are some that need to be taken around activities too. Like your workout or maybe even projects you are doing for school, work, or at home.

And of course I recommend habit stacking here too!

When I lace up my shoes for my workout, that immediately reminds me to mix up my pre-workout supplement called FitShot. I know that after tying my shoes, I’m about 15 minutes away from the start of my strength or endurance based workout or ride. 

So I start sipping on the powder mixed with water (after giving it a good shake of course) on my way to my favorite gym…Funktional Fitness and Cycle Ave.

This gives it time to start getting all the clean ingredients along with the caffeine into my system and starts “warming me up” from the inside right about the time I start my dynamic warmup for my workout.

I like to finish sipping on my FitShot throughout the first half of my workout to keep me fueled for the duration. And of course one of the advantages with it, is my recovery also gets aided with the glutamine inside of it!

Now when it comes to some extra focus and alertness for projects or work that I need to get done, On Point is my go to here.

What are your goals? Your REAL goals?

We’re committed to 100% all-natural ingredients.

You drag yourself out of bed and head to the gym while you’re still half asleep.