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Your Fitness Journey: Strength, Weight Loss And More

What are your goals? Your REAL goals?

What are your goals? Your REAL goals? We’re not just talking about the desire to lose a few pounds. We want to know, why do you want to lose that weight? Why do you want to build muscle? What will better health help you DO?

This is The Alchemist difference. We know that a healthy body supports a healthy mind, a better quality of life and success in so many ways.

That’s why we’ve developed our products to support you in the gym and in life.

For Your Workout

Our Fit Shot supplement is an all-in-one pre- and post-workout enhancer specially formulated to maximize the time you spend in the gym while also providing sustained energy all day.

For The Gym And Beyond

Whether you’re working out your body or your brain, our On Point product contains organic ingredients to stimulate brain cells and increase important brain chemicals to improve alertness and attention and boost memory.

What are your goals? Your REAL goals?

We’re committed to 100% all-natural ingredients.

You drag yourself out of bed and head to the gym while you’re still half asleep.