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Funktional Fitness – The Origin Story

Funktional Fitness, Cycle Ave. and Alchemist Supplements.

Three Businesses, Two Friends, One Passion

Funktional Fitness, Cycle Ave. and Alchemist Supplements. Three businesses based on the commitment of two great friends with one common passion – helping others.

Luis Galindo, and Jeremy Jones founded Funktional Fitness in October 2008 and have since used this passion to fuel a training studio and line of supplements that focuses on delivering results while providing world-class customer service.

Funktional Fitness

In 2002, both men were hired on at 24 Hour Fitness within one week of each other. Though they’d never met before, their friendship flourished immediately during the company’s week-long training program. That one week was the foundation for their future.

Over the next 6 years, Luis and Jeremy mentored hundreds of clients and accumulated over 10,000 hours of training. Personal training in this big box environment provided the opportunity to help clients achieve their fitness goals, overcome injuries, eliminate medications, strengthen their bones, hearts, and lungs. They worked with individuals of all ages and fitness levels. These experiences, combined with the emotional and mental satisfaction of working with others, gave them the experience and inspiration they needed to take the next step.

Because, while they were truly grateful for all they’d learned at 24 Hour Fitness, both of them knew they wanted to do more to help people achieve not only their fitness goals, but their life goals.

In early 2008 they began putting all of their ideas on paper. They worked and researched and planned. This due diligence began a business partnership and Funktional Fitness opened the doors for business on October 4th, 2008 in downtown Gilbert.

The philosophy behind Funktional Fitness is fueled by the same passion that Luis and Jeremy share. Helping others achieve their goals by providing the best customer service, education, and accountability. But what makes FunkFit unique is the emphasis on customer service. That’s what makes their members’ experience one to remember.

Everyone, from the First Impressions staff, to the Fitness Coaches, to the Cleaning Crew, to the Founders, do everything they can to make sure you feel comfortable and welcomed every time you walk through the doors. And that team is committed to helping you feel refreshed, both mentally and physically, when you leave. Funktional Fitness is a community where “everybody knows your name” and where you’ll develop great friendships with the staff and with other members.

Cycle Ave.

In March of 2016, Cycle Ave. was created inside of Funktional Fitness. This high energy, speak-easy style cycling studio provides a motivating and upbeat environment with the flashing lights, loud music, and electrifying Cycle Coaches.

The addition of the cycling program to the strength, endurance, and mobility based workouts, was inspired by the 1% Better Philosophy. FunkFit & Cycle Ave. is a community where each member inspires each other to be 1% better every day. With the goal of improving performance without sacrificing health, this community has grown stronger in both physical and mental strength over the years.

Alchemist Supplements

One of the pillars of the business has always been holistic health. Eat real foods. Reduce processed foods. Drink lots of water. This is what Luis and Jeremy coach members to do and it’s what drove them to create Alchemist, their own, unique supplement line.

In late 2020, Alchemist Supplements was born. Every product is created with a focus on high quality ingredients and helping everybody experience focus and performance upgrades to be their best.

Three businesses. All interconnected. And all committed to supporting that original passion that drove two young men more than a dozen years ago … helping others.