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Managing Distractions

With so many distractions, focusing on any one thing or project can be very difficult.

With so many distractions, buzzes, dings, notifications, rings, and alerts, focusing on any one thing or project can be very difficult. Especially when all of those noises and distractions are within an arm’s reach of you.

To some degree, these very well could be part of your daily life and are necessary for work. So I definitely understand their importance.

However, there are also a couple ways to best manage these “noises” when you really need to have laser sharp focus.

One of the first things I like to do before zeroing in on a project or task is to clean my area. Clutter to me is a distraction. If there are unorganized items all over my desk, I find it more challenging to stay attentive to what I’m working on. So before opening my laptop, I at least arrange any items in my area in a neat and organized way, or completely remove them.

Now that I’m ready to get down to business, I’ll put my phone in “do not disturb” mode and set a timer for anywhere from 20-90 minutes, based on what I’m working on. This keeps any and all unnecessary distractions from derailing my train of thought, and also keeps me within a good workable time frame.

When my timer goes off, I’ll get up and stretch and/or refill my water glass, and of course check in on any messages that may have come thru my phone, and verify if they need a response at that time or not.

This method allows me to be completely focused with my “brain energy” on the task or project that is most important to get done at that time. And provides a set amount of time to “eliminate” any potential distractions or notifications that would throw me off track, and then take even longer to get back into that flow state.

Speaking of flow state, when I’ve got my most important work to get done, I take my favorite nootropic, On Point, from Alchemist Supplements shortly before cleaning off my desk. By the time all of the super natural ingredients from it kick in, I’m alert, focused, and energized to get my work done. I refer to it as my added bonus for “brain health” and productivity and it helps keep me in the zone for several different timed sessions.

Combining On Point with my other practices of removing clutter, “do not disturb” mode, and setting my timer, puts me in a position to perform my best and complete the projects that will continue to set myself and others up for success.

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